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Don’t overdo the freebies

Don’t overdo the freebies
There is little doubt that most species of fish feed more in summer, and much of their annual growth in length occurs in the warmer months.
As a result, you can get away with using much more feed in summer, as more species are active, and appetites are larger.
That said, for short sessions you could be reducing your chances if you overdo feeding. The more bait there is in the water, the lower the chances of a fish selecting your hook bait. Heavy baiting inevitably lowers your odds of success on a short session.
If you already know where the fish are, either because you can see them or from past experience, it often pays to fish for one at a time, either with a single bait or a small, tight patch of bait.
With this style of fishing it helps if you can introduce your bait without spooking the fish, and freelined baits or rigs lowered into the margins can be deadly.
A baitdropper is a great way of positioning a tight patch of food stealthily with a rig in the middle, and if there are fish in the area you can expect action very quickly. You may need to move to find a new spot after each fish, but with this kind of fishing multiple catches are possible, even on short sessions.