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Predators hunt by day

Predators hunt by day
In mid-summer the nights are short, and digestion rates are high, so some species normally associated with darkness will feed in the day. Eels and catfish will hunt fish prey actively on hot summer afternoons in certain circumstances.
Big eels are predominantly nocturnal, but they are also opportunists, and are known to feed in daylight to take advantage of seasonal abundances of food.
Minnows are a favourite food of large river eels, and when minnows congregate to spawn, eels are known to home in on this feeding opportunity, even on bright, sunny days.
Catfish are energised by high water temperatures, and hunt fish in the warm surface layers of the lake, even in the heat of mid-afternoon.
With prey fish shoaled up in the oxygen rich water close to the surface, cats can strike from beneath, often engulfing more than one small fish at a time in their cavernous mouthes.