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Summer scrappers

Summer scrappers
The swimming speed of a fish, and the power it can generate is a function of a number of factors including fish size and water temperature.
As a rule of thumb, large fish of a given species can swim faster, and fight harder than small ones. It is also true that the warmer the temperature, the faster a fish can swim, up to a point.
However, coolwater species such as trout and grayling can come in like a wet sack in very hot weather.
In general, however, swimming performance improves with increasing temperature.
For hard-fighting species such as carp and barbel it is important to ensure that your tackle strength and knots can cope with this additional power, especially when fishing close to snags. 
Summer is often a time of year when, due to water clarity and fish behaviour, there is a tendency to scale down on line strength, but this must be balanced against the increase in power and speed of your target species.