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Deadly prebaiting

Deadly prebaiting
Prebaiting is a useful tool in summer, providing it is used correctly. It is particularly useful in very big waters with low stock densities, because it increases the frequency with which fish visit particular areas. But to make the most of it you need to try to predict how the fish will respond.
It works best over a period of several days or even weeks, and if bait can be introduced at the same time every day.
Where natural feeding spells are typically at dawn and dusk, bait introduced at mid-morning may not be found until the evening. By choosing a suitable time, and introducing bait on a daily basis, fish will build up a pattern of behaviour that ensures they are in the area anticipating the arrival of their daily feed.
It needn’t involve huge quantities of bait. A pint of micro-pellets or maggots sprinkled over gravel in the margins can have fish rooting around for hours, and done regularly will ensure fish visit frequently.
You will be able to tell by the appearance of the gravel whether fish have been in and fed, and you may even be able to watch the fish feeding.
A single bait introduced into the right area when the prebaiting has been carried out stands a good chance of picking up a fish.