THE grinner is an excellent fishing knot for tying line to swivels or hooks and is arguably the most reliable knot for big fish uses if it is tied properly.

1 Start by passing your main line through the eye of the hook or swivel; for increased security pass the line through twice.

2 Form a large loop alongside the main line with the end of the line and hold it securely in place.

3 Pass the end through this loop and around both pieces of line.

4 Continue to pass the end through the loop five or six times, ensuring the whipped coils do not overlap.

5 Moisten the knot very thoroughly and, holding the hook or swivel, pull gently on the tag end to start tightening the coils. Once the coils have started to ‘bite’, ease the knot down the line to bed against the eye. This is the critical stage – lubrication and tightening slowly ensures success.

6 Continue to bed down until the knot sits firmly against the eye; complete the tightening process by a steady pull on the tag end and main line before trimming.

  • Mr Willmore

    This knot works VERY well… But I do know how you can stop friction burn on the line when you pull it tight, I have tried lubricating it with spit and water, but the line is still kinked and looks a mess on my rig.

    Could you please show me how to cure this problem?

    Yours sincerely, Mr Willmore