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1. Warm summer months herald the bass season. They are the number one species for many keen sea anglers. You’ll find them all around the coast, in every conceivable marine habitat, from tranquil sandy beaches to muddy harbours.
A bass’s diet is broad, and anything is fair game. Sandeels and crabs are cropped with gusto, and it’s the latter that bring bass into harbours, estuaries and tidal rivers.
Tides definitely affect your chances of catching them. I arrive just as the tide begins to rise steadily, as this brings in all the edible goodies that vast shoals of schoolies seek out. Sport can often be hectic, with fish after fish of all the same size wolfing down your bait. Expect the odd biggie, too. This smashing 7 lb 8 oz fish nailed my king rag bait within seconds of casting out, and did it ever fight! It’s fantastic sport on a quivertip rod.