ANGLER'S MAIL magazine - No.1 for fishing tips every week - reveals some of the best ways to hook hard floating carp baits...


1 It’s possible to Superglue floating pellets and biscuits to the hook. First, create a shallow groove in the pellet with a junior hacksaw blade or use the serrated blade on your braid scissors. Don’t cut the groove too deep so the hook is buried.2 Squeeze a drop of superglue into the groove. Grip the bend of the hook and press the shank firmly into the groove. Hold it in position for a few seconds to allow the glue to set. Gel superglues take longer to dry and often leave a white residue.3 Elasticated bait bands are the simplest way of attaching hard, floating pellets. The band must be a tight fit to prevent it slipping during casting. Make sure the bait doesn’t twist around the hook masking the point.4 Pop-up boilies are too expensive to pile in as freebies – but stand out well from other floaters on the hook. Hair-rigging with a small, strong hook is recommended. Fish the boilie tight against the hook for effective penetration.


  • charlie james

    Hooks have barbs to stop the hook falling out the fishies mouth, been around for hundreds of years, the eskimos used to put a barb when they carved there hooks out of bone and ivory…….

  • david allsopp

    i love floater fishing find it challanging at times and rewarding too, had some fantastic fish off the surface, i use soft flavored dog biscuits among freebies, i feed the fish for abt 3hrs until they feed confidently then in goes my bait free lined no float or weight.

  • phil

    I drill my dog biscuits and pull a bait band through it with a stop it takes seconds to change…

  • Iain Raydon

    Guys, Nice tips but why do the hooks have barbs? !!