James Robbins, an expert in match and pleasure fishing styles, shares some river fishing tips for this summer.

RIVER fishing is far from as popular as it was – but there is some brilliant sport waiting for you this season, so get out there! These summertime river fishing tips will help…

1. Keep on the move

It can be difficult to locate fish on lightly fished and overgrown stretches. A mobile approach roving approach is often best so travel light.

2. Target shallows

Fish the shallows to start with if possible. These swims will often hold  fish as the water is more oxygenated.

A chub in the shallows...keen to take floating bread. Great fun!

    A chub in the shallows…keen to take floating bread. Great fun!


3. Fish early or late

Long daylight hours this time of year make quick summer fishing sessions viable.

Also target these periods as fish will be feeding more confidently than in the middle of the day

4. Focus on big baits

Small nuisance fish can be a problem with maggots and casters this time of year.

I like to focus on bigger traditional baits like bread flake, lobworms and luncheon meat for early season chub and barbel sessions.

5. Pre-bait

If possible pre-baiting will give you a great advantage and result in bigger bags of fish.

Use cheap baits like brown crumb groundbait, hemp and corn.


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