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Simplify your fishing and catch big

SOMETIMES I think we are all guilty of complicating our fishing. How often have you had a good day on the bank by concentrating on the basics and just one…

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Fishing mistakes corrected

IT’S ALWAYS difficult to see a fellow angler doing something not quite right and missing out on a few fish. You really want to say something and put them on…

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5 top fishing tips for bagging an autumn PB

Watch the weather At this changeable time of year, it can feel like summer one day and the depth of winter the next. The more you can predict these trends…


Picking the best catapults for your fishing

Use a match catapult for firing out boilies at range and it will self-destruct. Fill a collapsible pouch with maggots for close range fishing and the grubs will fly off…

Caught in the night
This little scrapper came within the first hours of darkness, after all the other anglers had gone home after a biteless day. Venues that see a lot of daytime angling pressure can often come alive at night. So consider the odd overnighter this summer and enjoy some exciting nocturnal fishing.
Special thanks to Arfleet Fishery – call Bruno on 01929 427421. Tickets available from Deano at Purbeck Angling on 01929 550770.

21 essential night fishing tips

  VENUES which see heavy pressure during the daylight hours can see its inhabitants switch off the feed. They only get their heads down for a bit of grub during…


Basic fishing tips for commercial fisheries

THE summer holidays me the chance to spend some quality time with my children –  Louis (pictured above), 12, and Scarlet, eight. In the past couple of weeks I’ve taken…


Ten brilliant floater tips for big carp!

1 The new Enterprise Tackle Imitation Dog Biscuits are a must. Redesigned for 2014, they are smaller, more lifelike and sit beautifully in the water. Featuring a tapered shape and…

James Robbins with a fine net of summer chub - follow his tips and you could enjoy the same action!

Great river tips for summer fishing!

  AS ALWAYS I’m really looking forward to getting back on some river matches now the new season’s begun. I nipped out for some pleasure fishing on two midlands rivers…