PLANNING to go barbel fishing and need a reliable rig to try? Here's one from Angler's Mail - the best fishing magazine - that's easy to make and really works!

This easy-to-make barbel fishing rig incorporates 12 lb fluorocarbon main line, a 10 lb fluorocarbon hook length and a size 10 hook with a hair-rigged boilie.


Fluorocarbon has two main advantages when barbel fishing – it is almost invisible in water and also pins itself on the deck.

The rig is completed with a free-running lead on a length of leadcore and also a back lead stopped by a safe sliding float stop.

It is important that your line is pinned down as you don’t want barbel to brush against it as it will spook them.

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  • alan holmes

    been away from fishing for a long time
    so all tips welcome and will be put to
    good use i get back on the banks