SPICED meat works wonders on both river and stillwaters and this recipe for curried sausage meat takes some beating.


 Here’s how to prepare it….

1 Place sausage meat in a bowl.

2 Add curry powder to taste and work in by hand.

3 Roll into sausages.

4 Place on an oven tray and cook for 25 minutes in oven, gas mark 4.

5 Using an oven glove remove the tray and allow the sausages to cool down.

6 Fish lumps of the sausage on a hair rig.

  • Mick Frank

    It works brilliant…I use the cheapest bags of frozen sausages thaw them then mash them up add my curry powder and or Garlic granules and reform into sausges and bake i then chop up and freeze, i just take out what i need from the freezer before i go fishing, just a small tip that ive found that works to give you more hook ups for Chub is to put the sausage direct onto the hook or use a very very short hair, as chub tend to mouth the bait on a long hair rather than taking it like a barbel would, resulting in taps and pulls and no hook up 80% of the time, direct hooking the meat resolves this problem….for me anyways!!