THE 2011 bumper Christmas double issue of Angler’s Mail came with a FREE set of brilliant Bait Boosters for attracting fish to your bait. But don’t worry if you missed it – we have also got a superb instructional video.

Your eight FREE Bait Boosters come on a plastic mount so that you can break one of as you need it.

Red is a colour that grabs the attention of predators such as pike and perch, which is why it features so often in lures, trout flies and why red maggots often work better than white ones.

Our superb instructional video (below) covers bait flags like the ones we gave away and similar ones you can buy in good tackle shops. It stars our Where to Fish On Tour contributor and cover star Steve Collett… showing you what to do.

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    I like your magazine it’s got good tips and free offers