Fake corn in carious colours regularly fools giant carp and bream. Pick the right weight of the hook and you can pop-up a buoyant grain of fake corn or maize so that it wafts around more naturally as grubbing fish suck and blow on the natural offerings.

Solar’s Everlasting hook baits in 6 and 8 mm diameters are infused with a variety of flavours in numerous colours. Their buoyancy makes them the ideal choice for presenting a critically balanced bait and the cocktail possibilities are endless.

You can target a range of species with imitation bloodworms – they are the staple diet of many coarse fish species in lakes and rivers. Carpers use these chiromonid larva imitations to thread on hook shanks which helps to camouflage them.

Floating plastic dog biscuits are a durable surface bait when carp are slurping down floaters. They are fitted with a split shot counterweight so the bait sits partly submerged with the hook uppermost and is invisible to the carp.


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