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How to make a simple barbel fishing rig

  The rig incorporates 12 lb fluorocarbon main line, a 10 lb fluorocarbon hook length and a size 10 hook with a hair-rigged boilie. Fluorocarbon has two main advantages when…


Basic fishing tips for commercial fisheries

THE summer holidays me the chance to spend some quality time with my children –  Louis (pictured above), 12, and Scarlet, eight. In the past couple of weeks I’ve taken…


Old habits revisited… with a twist!

AS a younger carp angler one of the golden lessons drilled into me by those more experienced was the importance of getting there before dawn and watching the water for…

VIDEO: Nash’s Urban Banx 7 is here!

VIDEO: Nash’s Urban Banx 7 is here!

As Nash said in launching the video: “Alan is back and hungry for a new mission! He travels to Bristol to fish alongside his good friend Jordan Dicks as they…

VIDEO: best lures for big perch fishing

VIDEO: best lures for big perch fishing

Steve is seen in this exclusive short video at Pitsford, the vast reservoir in Northamptonshire that’s normally reserved for trout fishing. He’s tapped into its perch fishing potential – big…

chod rig fox

VIDEO: how to tie the chod rig with Fox

Fox – sponsors of our brilliant Fox Carp Cup - made  this handy video (below) to give you a step-by-step guide to mastering the hugely popular Chod Rig, including attaching…