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Dragon Carp deals

Avanti Isis Cobalt Match Monster feeder rod

Close up look at the new Avanti Isis Cobalt 12ft Match Monster 4-tip feeder rod. Brilliant value at just £20…
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The new Makutsu Gold Rotorblade reel

A close-up look at the new Makutsu reel – top quality kit at just £15.
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Isis Super 7′s Professional Pole Floats – top quality kit at a knockdown price

These pole packs – containing seven different patterns – have been hand-picked by professional anglers to ensure you have options to cover every situation. They come in two colours – gold or silver – and carry an RRP of £12.99. But get them today for £6 – that’s a saving of 60%!
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The new big pit reel from Dragon Carp Direct

This superb piece of kit should easily cost three figures – but you can get it today for just £60. Perfect for carp, pike or even sea fishing.
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Dragon Carp Direct Christmas tackle bargains

See why Dragon Carp Direct is the only place you need to visit for your Christmas Shopping- and the sale has started early! Look for  up to 80% savings.
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Interview with Roger Surgay

The man behind the biggest fishing retail business in the UK reveals the secrets behind his success. Please click here to buy


CK 10-10 Carprunner Freespool reel review

Amazing-value freespool reel is put under the microscope. Please click here to buy


CK Fusion Expert Big Pit 12000 reel review

The best-value big pit reel in the UK is put through its paces.  Please click here to buy


CB2 Carp Feeder rod and reel combo review

Superb rod and reel combination is put to the test.  Please click here to buy


CK Groundhugga deluxe rod pod review

Sturdy, lightweight – and brilliant value for money, the Groundhugga deluxe pod is put through its paces. Please click here to buy