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VIDEO: page 3 star Frank Warwick’s zig rig tips for big carp (includes 41 lb common)


CARP  fishing ace Frank Warwick stars in page 3 of Angler’s Mail this week (issue dated April 1) with  a 41 lb 8 oz common – and you can see the fish in this superb film!
Using a brilliant Enterprise Tackle Zig Beetle, he takes the fish from the famous Bluebell Lakes complex at Tansor, Northants.
Angler’s Mail TV is pleased to…

VIDEO: how to present boilies better for carp fishing with Steve Collett


ANGLER’S MAIL magazine has a new look and a new series – Catching With Collett – which also has a video each time. Here we bring you the fourth video.
With stunning pictures and a great read, told as it happened in Steve Collett’s unique style, this is a series people will be talking about.
And to back up each episode in…

BIG FISH BLOG (Thurs): Another year gone

Pallatrax Catch more fish - Logo on black

Thursday is our Big Fish Blog and it’s the turn of Pallatrax.

Be sure to come back on Friday for Carl & Alex’s popular latest update, with the Angling Trust here on Saturday and Colin Mitchell’s pleasure fishing blog on Sunday.

Another year gone
THIS year has just flown by but it’s been a great year for Pallatrax with the awesome new winter bait,…

CARP BLOG (Mon): these winter carp tips are the creme of the crop!


IT’S MONDAY and that means it’s carp blog time here on the Angler’s Mail magazine website. This week we are pleased to welcome the guys from… Nash. Thanks to Nash man Keith Jones for supplying this round-up. He opens it up and adds contributions from some top names.
We hope you enjoy today’s blog, and share it with your friends on Facebook and…

PLEASURE BLOG (Sun): Sweet memories


Every Sunday we welcome coarse fishing all-rounder Colin Mitchell.
For many years Colin was a senior Angler’s Mail magazine staff man and he has enjoyed a long, interesting journalism career.
He understands match fishing, pleasure fishing, carp fishing – the lot.
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Sweet memories…
MOST top anglers have something in common –…



ANGLER’S MAIL is the number one source for tips and tricks! Here are some top  deadbaits for try for pike fishing – be sure to read the magazine each week for predator fishing advice.
Coarse fish
They are the most natural bait a pike will see, and they have been naturally prebaited!
Another plus is that you will also catch zander using these,…


ANGLER’S MAIL is the number one source for tips and tricks!
A reader asked us to show him how to make a cheap feeder rig. This type of feeder has become very popular and is regarded by many as a rival to the pellet feeder.

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ANGLER’S MAIL is number one for fishing tips and tricks! Check out this technique on how to band hard pellets.


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BIG FISH BLOG (Thurs): top tips to catch more river fish on meat baits

WELCOME to our latest daily blog, exclusively here on the Angler’s Mail website.
Next up on our Big Fish Blog is Korum, keeping you up to speed on what their whole team has been up to. The highs, the lows, and all the fun stuff in-between. This lively blog comes from Korum consultant, Phil Spinks.
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ANGLER’S MAIL is the number one source for tips and tricks! Here’s one more by Andy Browne.

Paste mixed from dry, ground halibut powder is simple to produce with hot water, but to give me an edge I’ll often introduce some Shellfish B5 liquid flavour (4 ml per 1 lb dry mix).
Add the Shellfish flavour with a teaspoon of salt to…