Pleasure fishing

Colin Mitchell, experienced in match fishing, carp fishing and all coarse fishing, blogs every Sunday only for Angler’s Mail.


Match of the Fish?

THERE always appears to be someone in the angling world who wants to rant about the lack of angling on TV. I suppose we have all been guilty of that…


“Fishing lessons that I’ve learned….”

MANY years ago, when pole fishing in the UK was still in its infancy, former World Champion Ian Heaps issued me with a friendly warning. He said not to pick…

Match action

Nothing is certain in angling!

  IT’S so easy to buy loads of great gear and learn so much about how to fish effectively. There’s now a vast range of superb tackle on sale –…


What bait is best?

LOOSE feed particles or groundbait? Pellets or hookbait samples? How many times have you pondered those questions during a fishing session? Or more precisely I wonder how many times you…


When to change your fishing methods?

LOTS of anglers sit motionless on the bank when they don’t get bites and become increasingly frustrated. They often pack up early and head for home wondering why they haven’t…

Surface feeder

Best summer baits explained

STIFLING hot weather, like most of us have had over the past few days, can lead to really difficult fishing. There can be some bumper catches too – especially early…