Pleasure fishing

Colin Mitchell, experienced in match fishing, carp fishing and all coarse fishing, blogs every Sunday only for Angler’s Mail.


Open the lakes and let us fish!

ANGLING – as we all know – is a great pastime. In many areas fishing is praised for getting problem youngsters off the streets. Those members of the public who…

River floats-1

Fishing mistakes corrected

IT’S ALWAYS difficult to see a fellow angler doing something not quite right and missing out on a few fish. You really want to say something and put them on…


My weird and wonderful catches….

THE MAIL’S Facebook and Twitter accounts got me thinking last week when they asked about unusual catches. At first I couldn’t think of any – then a whole load started…


Match of the Fish?

THERE always appears to be someone in the angling world who wants to rant about the lack of angling on TV. I suppose we have all been guilty of that…


“Fishing lessons that I’ve learned….”

MANY years ago, when pole fishing in the UK was still in its infancy, former World Champion Ian Heaps issued me with a friendly warning. He said not to pick…