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All praise the humble gudgeon… my first love!

ASK most people what was the first fish they caught and it’s a pretty safe bet they will reply ‘perch’. You won’t get that answer from me though because my debut…


My all-time angling mishaps and calamities

OVER the years I’ve been to a number of research groups for various magazines, including Angler’s Mail. It’s where groups of people give their views about their favourite pastime, its…

They don't always want a pellet!

Turn these angling negatives into positives

THEY (although I am never quite sure who ‘they’ are) tell us it is the season to be jolly…but if you are an angler you might be starting to wonder…

Last out
If you aren’t catching, keep an eye on where carp have been caught from recently. Often carp will be localised in one or two areas and plugging away in favourite swims is daft if the only fish being caught are from specific places. You don’t have to jump in a swim every time you hear someone has caught a fish from it, but mentally noting where fish are still being caught can help you narrow down the best areas.

What’s your idea of a ‘good fish’?

ANY fish is good in my books. But like any other angler I do like catching some specimens – and really appreciate good-looking samples of any species. You can’t beat…