Pleasure fishing

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Bream – I love those big slimy dustbins lids!

  THERE’S a lot of satisfaction in targeting a certain fish, a specimen or a species. There’s also little doubt that the vast majority of anglers nowadays set their sights…

Whoever took this with them to the waterside can bl**dy well take it home again!

How can these anglers get it so wrong?

But what never fails to amaze me are the simple things that many anglers keep on doing wrong despite the plethora of information that is available. A quick look through…


To feed or not to feed? That is the question!

YOU’VE selected a swim, tackled up, picked the right end gear for the best presentation and are ready to start fishing. What’s the next most important aspect to enjoying a…


Here we Goo!

  WHEN you get out of bed and it’s raining you often wonder should you be going fishing. And when an east wind is blowing as you load your gear…

A fine barbel from the Royalty's Pipes swim.

The truth about fishing swims

  HERE’S a bit of an angling puzzle for you. What do all of the following have in common? Pylons, Fence End, Pipe, Sunken Tree, Join, Cyanide Straight and Car…

I wouldn't use this particular hook myself - but I use one of these magnetic boxes.

Top 10 tips for all pleasure anglers

  WHEN you watch other anglers you often learn – both how to do things right and how not to do things wrong. Over the years I’ve picked up some…