Pleasure fishing

Every weekend, Colin Mitchell blogs exclusively for this site. He’s experienced in match fishing, carp fishing and all coarse fishing… and he never holds back!


Why it always pays to experiment when fishing

  WATERCRAFT is a key element to catching more fish. The ability to ‘read’ a venue, decide where the fish might be living and feeding is something you learn over…

Surface feeder

Catch more fish during the heat of high summer

STIFLING hot weather, like most of us have had over the past few days, can lead to really difficult fishing. There can be some bumper catches too – especially early…


You never stop learning in fishing

SOMETIMES in angling you think you know quite a lot – then you get smacked over the head with a dead kipper to make you realise you never, ever learn…

jon arthur

Summer bait tips for commercial fisheries

  There seems to be two different camps when it comes to baits and additives. Some top anglers I know are ultra confident, keep things simple and use bait plain,…