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Blogs about carp and specimen fishing by Fox, Korda, Dynamite Baits, Marukyu, Nash, Korum and Enterprise Tackle.

River common

Experts’ carp fishing tips for autumn

  Have self-belief, says Julian Cundiff The key to catching carp at this time of year is not just going but having the self-belief to keep at it even when…


Lure fishing tips for pike that work NOW!

  A MOBILE  approach with lures is my favourite for warmer water pike, before cooler autumn weather and then winter kicks in. You may be lucky enough to identify a…

New Fox Specialist Knowledge DVD

New Fox Specialist Knowledge DVD

Don’t forget to check out this week’s new issue, on-sale Tuesday, for the latest Fox Carp Cup contenders plus the annual winner announcement!

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25 venues where you can catch river carp!

THE resurgence in carp fishing on wild, unstocked venues is great to see – the mystery of angling for unknown specimens, often on free-to-fish stretches of river, is really addictive…

Caught in the night
This little scrapper came within the first hours of darkness, after all the other anglers had gone home after a biteless day. Venues that see a lot of daytime angling pressure can often come alive at night. So consider the odd overnighter this summer and enjoy some exciting nocturnal fishing.
Special thanks to Arfleet Fishery – call Bruno on 01929 427421. Tickets available from Deano at Purbeck Angling on 01929 550770.

21 essential night fishing tips

  VENUES which see heavy pressure during the daylight hours can see its inhabitants switch off the feed. They only get their heads down for a bit of grub during…

Not the biggest barbel in the world by any stretch - but at 11lbs 15oz it's a worthy capture[1]

Barbel fishing baits with a difference!

  WITH so little time these days it’s been quite hard for me to get out and do a spot of barbel fishing. With such short windows of fishing time…


Old habits revisited… with a twist!

AS a younger carp angler one of the golden lessons drilled into me by those more experienced was the importance of getting there before dawn and watching the water for…