Carp & specimen fish

Blogs about carp and specimen fishing by Fox, Korda, Dynamite Baits, Marukyu, Nash, Korum and Enterprise Tackle.

Not the biggest barbel in the world by any stretch - but at 11lbs 15oz it's a worthy capture[1]

Barbel fishing baits with a difference!

  WITH so little time these days it’s been quite hard for me to get out and do a spot of barbel fishing. With such short windows of fishing time…


Old habits revisited… with a twist!

AS a younger carp angler one of the golden lessons drilled into me by those more experienced was the importance of getting there before dawn and watching the water for…


Ten brilliant floater tips for big carp!

1 The new Enterprise Tackle Imitation Dog Biscuits are a must. Redesigned for 2014, they are smaller, more lifelike and sit beautifully in the water. Featuring a tapered shape and…