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Blogs about carp and specimen fishing by a mix of successful anglers – regular top tips and insight!

A brace of big tench like these will be welcome.

How to catch tench on a new venue

  IF there was one personal best that I would love to beat then it would have to be tench. My best stands at a modest 10lb 3oz, caught during…

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25 venues where you can catch river carp!

THE resurgence in carp fishing on wild, unstocked venues is great to see – the mystery of angling for unknown specimens, often on free-to-fish stretches of river, is really addictive…


Summer floater fishing tips

  I ALWAYS look forward to the balmy days of summer… visions of big black shapes taking floaters to a green and lush backdrop is what gets me through the…


Follow these tips to haul carp all summer!

  SPRING if the time for bagging up with double-figure carp and for me May and June have always produced my biggest hauls. I’ve had 1,000 lb hauls and up…

Ready prepared particles provide confidence

Particle baits spark the carp in spring

  IF YOU take a look below the surface on just about any still water at the moment you’ll find it’s absolutely teeming with life, on warm sunny days sometimes…

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Top tench baits

  TENCH are waking up, and they’re often a bit more gullible and willing to take an angler’s hook bait in the Spring. If you want to have a crack…