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Blogs about carp and specimen fishing by Fox, Korda, Dynamite Baits, Marukyu, Nash, Korum and Enterprise Tackle.


Ultimate guide to catching bream – big bream!

THE fortunate fact regarding fishing for big bream on large stillwaters is they are predictable. As long as the angler remembers the following points then they simply stacks the odds…

Simon 32lb common

5 tips for spring carp fishing success

  1. Keep your eyes peeled! Fish on many venues are starting to show a lot now, so be sure to keep you’re eyes peeled and locate them before deciding…

Willow common-4

Top spring carp tips

    SPRING can be a tricky time on the bank. It’s even harder reading what’s going on under the surface. But there will be life down there and it…


How to catch big chub on the float

ONE of my favourite styles of fishing is float fishing and in particular I love float fishing on rivers. I cut my teeth in fishing on small local rivers followed…


5 top tips for big winter dace

Be prepared to explore The great thing about big dace is they can be caught from big rivers, but also from the smallest of streams so it really pays to…

It's days like this that are just the icing on the proverbial cake!

Top tips to improve your fishing this year

  IT’S not what you know, it’s who you know! I’m claiming 2014 as a bumper year for me, angling wise. It was a year of some serious fish numbers,…