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5 top fishing tips for bagging an autumn PB

Watch the weather At this changeable time of year, it can feel like summer one day and the depth of winter the next. The more you can predict these trends…


Top pike fishing tips to help you catch more predators

THINKING about having a crack for pike? They’re great looking predators, especially from clear waters, proper ‘tigers’ with all that camouflage. And being ‘sprint predators’ they can really pull your…


Top tips for autumn bass fishing

MANY anglers target bass throughout July and August but come September and October the number of bass anglers dwindle. I don’t understand why because autumn is still a fantastic time…


7 most memorable angling moments of summer 2014

  1. Euro Aqua’s monsters for British anglers In the news in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine after a truly incredible haul of the World’s BIGGEST carp, this Hungarian venue…

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25 venues where you can catch river carp!

THE resurgence in carp fishing on wild, unstocked venues is great to see – the mystery of angling for unknown specimens, often on free-to-fish stretches of river, is really addictive…


Basic fishing tips for commercial fisheries

THE summer holidays me the chance to spend some quality time with my children –  Louis (pictured above), 12, and Scarlet, eight. In the past couple of weeks I’ve taken…