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10 top tips to take a friend fishing!

    TIPS ON TAKING A FRIEND FISHING IT’S ON- Take A Friend Fishing is back for  2015! And Angler’s Mail is right behind the activity, along with the Environment…

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Top spring carp tips

    SPRING can be a tricky time on the bank. It’s even harder reading what’s going on under the surface. But there will be life down there and it…


Fishing ‘down under’ style in New Zealand!

  I’VE just got back from a dream holiday to sunny New Zealand with my Surrey-based but definitely kiwi girlfriend Andrea – and would recommend it to any British angler.…


The fishmeal baits dilemma

I THINK most anglers at some stage experience a dilemma regarding when and when not to use fishmeal products. This mainly applies to wild venues where pellets and fishmeal groundbaits have…


5 tips to make fishing lures more attractive

MY DAD first introduced me to the merits of using  soft plastic fishing lures during a cod fishing session way back when I was a teenager. We began the session…

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Best winter baits for chub

A LOT of anglers target chub in the winter months when they start packing on the weight and filling out. And whether you’ve just got a couple of hours to…