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6 top tips to avoid bait thieves!

  THERE seems to be more nuisance species around than ever nowadays whether it’s crayfish and mitten crabs or bait whittling silverfish or diving birds. At this time of year…


Follow these tips to haul carp all summer!

  SPRING if the time for bagging up with double-figure carp and for me May and June have always produced my biggest hauls. I’ve had 1,000 lb hauls and up…


10 reasons NOT to date an angler!

Here goes – our top 10 reasons not to date an angler… in no particular order… 1. The mood swings An anglers mood can often depend on whether they have had…


Untouched fishing hotspots revealed!

    THE problem with having fished for a very long time is that you can look at the conditions and put yourself off going fishing. Sadly I do that…

Feeder tench-4

Top tench baits

  TENCH are waking up, and they’re often a bit more gullible and willing to take an angler’s hook bait in the Spring. If you want to have a crack…