How to make a simple barbel fishing rig

  This easy-to-make barbel fishing rig incorporates 12 lb fluorocarbon main line, a 10 lb fluorocarbon hook length and a size 10 hook with a hair-rigged boilie. Fluorocarbon has two…

New Fox Specialist Knowledge DVD

New Fox Specialist Knowledge DVD

Don’t forget to check out this week’s new issue, on-sale Tuesday, for the latest Fox Carp Cup contenders plus the annual winner announcement!

MAIN PIC John Davey

Big whisker success for barbel ace

The 67-year-old added other barbel which swung the scales round to 13 lb 2 oz and 12 lb over a matter of days. For the full story, grab this week’s…


Match of the Fish?

THERE always appears to be someone in the angling world who wants to rant about the lack of angling on TV. I suppose we have all been guilty of that…


It’s Porky… the giant 50 lb carp!

The 31-year-old electrician Glen Stone was fishing Cambridgeshire’s syndicate venue Monks Pit when the pot-bellied big ‘un weeded him up, convincing him all he had left on his hook was…


Lure fishing season starts in style!

Marukyu marketing consultant Nick Marlow was amongst those to connect with fine predators. Nick had fished the Cambridgeshire venue on the fly before so knew on his first lure fishing…